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Monthly Donation

Credit card donations are processed securely through Paypal Nonprofit. The site will allow you to sign in and use your Paypal account or simply use your card for the donation. Paypal charges a small percentage for this service, so we suggest you send any large donations directly to Paxton Ministries.

As you give from your heart, our services provide a home!

Many people at Paxton Ministries have lived through and survived very difficult circumstances. Struggles with mental illness and intellectual disabilities were often worsened by poverty. In some cases, it even left people homeless. Paxton Street Home, the Hudson Street Apartments, Boas Street Lodge, and Scenery Lodge all provide safe, stable, friendly places to live as independently as possible while offering help when needed for daily living.

$69 provides 1 week of benevolent care and housing for a resident.

Due to poverty and other challenges, most of our residents can only pay about half of what it costs to house and support them. The majority of our residents are living on Social Security Income (SSI) which, even after some help from the county, still leaves a gap between what they can afford to pay and what it costs us to provide the needed support.  That difference is made up by benevolent gifts from people like you who are concerned about caring for those in need.  On average, one week of benevolent support costs $69 per resident, or $3,588 a year. This is where your donations make the difference! With your help, we can continue to provide a safe, caring home for 101 people.

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