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Living at Paxton Ministries

At Paxton Ministries, we provide affordable housing and support services for adults in  need with Christ-like love. Many of our residents are challenged with social, mental or emotional needs. Our personal care home, apartment-style living facility and lodge program offer three distinct options to welcome every resident home. The monthly occupancy fee is based on a sliding-scale structure or percentage of income basis. No matter their step on the path to recovery, our Personal Care and Community Living programs assist and empower residents to live as independently as possible.

Paxton Street Home

Located at 2001 Paxton Street in Harrisburg, Paxton Street Home is a licensed personal care home that provides 24-hour care for a maximum of 85 residents. . Dedicated staff members assist residents in managing their daily needs, such as medication administration, healthy meals, laundry assistance, room care, and finances. Several staff members live on-site in the family-like environment. Residents are encouraged to pursue their interests, whatever those may be – music, art, exercise, volunteering in the community, or being a friend to others – as they self-direct their daily activities.

Paxton Street Home

Hudson Street Apartments

Only a short walk from Paxton Street Home, Hudson Street Apartments provide increased independence for residents with mental health needs. The one- and two-bedroom apartments are part of our Community Living program. Residents self-manage their care in a supportive, close-knit community of peers with occasional staff check-ins to offer additional support as needed. All residents are required to engage in meaningful activity, such as employment or volunteering, on a weekly basis.

Boas Street & Scenery Lodges

The newest additions to Paxton Ministries’ housing options, Boas Street & Scenery Lodges offer peer-support style living to promote independence and autonomy for residents with mental health challenges. Members of the 4- and 5-bedroom lodges work cooperatively to care for themselves and their homes. All residents are required to maintain at least part-time employment.

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