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Working together!

Working together!

About the Community Lodge Program

Paxton Ministries’ Community Lodge Program is based on the nationally recognized “Fairweather Lodge” model, an evidence-based practice for recovery for people with mental illness. Our Boas Street and Scenery Lodges provide affordable housing for adults seeking to maintain employment as part of their recovery from serious mental illness. This peer-support based program offers a family-like environment in which four to five people live and work together while supporting one another in their respective journeys of recovery.

Coming home to the Community Lodge

Benefits of living at Boas Street and Scenery Lodges include:

  • Spacious and beautifully decorated home with private bedrooms for 4-5 members
  • Affordable, income-based residency fees and shared household expenses
  • Member-managed household where everyone has a voice and a vote in decisions related to  house rules and new admissions
  • Long-term/permanent housing with no pre-determined limitations on length of stay
  • Part-time job opportunities for eligible candidates at Paxton Cleaning Solutions
  • Support and companionship from others living in the program, as well as one-on-one wellness checks with professional staff.

Community Lodge Program Qualifications

To be eligible to for our Community Lodge Program, candidates must be:

  • At least 22 years old and diagnosed with a mental illness.
  • Interested in living an independent lifestyle with minimal staff support.
  • Stable on prescribed medications and capable of self-administration.
  • Able to work and maintain part- or full-time employment (minimum of 10 hours per week).
  • Willing to develop the self-awareness and interpersonal skills necessary to live in community with other people who have mental health challenges.
  • Able to participate in daily Lodge life through cooking, cleaning, yard work, group discussions/processing of issues and general home maintenance.

To begin the application process for our Community Lodge Program, please complete and submit our downloadable Pre-Application form. Questions may be directed to the Community Living Programs Manager Rachel Petersen Keen at at 717-236-5508, ext. 110.

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