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About Paxton Street Home

Paxton Street Home is a licensed personal care home providing affordable housing and support services for adults of all ages, many of whom are challenged with poverty, mental illness, and intellectual disabilities. Most residents here are unable to live in independent housing, but can still self-direct many daily activities. Each resident has his or her own private room with shared bathroom facilities. Our home provides space for activities which residents enjoy including a recreational space with billiards, exercise equipment, a weight machine, and a Wii. There is also a computer lab, large craft area, television lounges, snack machines, and a community room with a kitchen. A laundry area and beauty shop also are located in the basement of Paxton Street Home.  Additionally, Paxton Ministries offers trip and outing opportunities for residents at sporting events, concerts, museums, parks, stores, and malls.

Services Offered at Paxton Street Home

One of the standout services offered at Paxton Street Home is that approximately 10 of our staff members also live in the building. This ensures a family-like environment, and these staff members join the rest of our team to encourage and support residents through activities such as:

  • Encouraging residents to participate in room care, laundry and maintaining personal hygiene
  • Providing transportation assistance to shopping and physician appointments
  • Offering medication monitoring four times a day, if needed for people using oral medications
  • Designing home-based activities such as crafts, Bible studies, exercise classes and educational programs

For additional details, take a look at our Paxton Street Home summary of services.


Think Paxton Street Home sounds like a great fit? Start the admissions process by completing a Programs Application. Forms can be downloaded and completed, or contact John Nelsen, Director of Programs, at, for additional details. Partially-funded through Dauphin County MH/MR, Paxton Street Home also accepts referrals from mental health case managers that have been approved by the Dauphin County Mental Health office.


Once an Application or referral is received, the Director of Programs will schedule a tour and interview with the applicant and his or her family to determine if the applicant’s needs may be met by Paxton. The cost of living at Paxton Ministries is determined for each resident based on our sliding-scale fee structure. Applicants are asked to provide information on all income and resources to determine what their required monthly occupancy fee would be. To complete final approval for admission, an applicant must obtain a Medical Evaluation documented on the state-required form and submit any other health records requested by the Director of Programs.

Questions about admissions or other requests may be directed to John Nelsen at or by calling 717-236-5508.

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