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Paxton Cleaning Services is seeking information on the cleaning needs of area organizations. This information will help us design custom cleaning/janitorial services to better serve our existing and future clients. Thank you for your time! Your participation is voluntary and your answers are confidential.

About Paxton Cleaning Services

We provide high quality, cost effective and environmentally responsible cleaning services while promoting recovery and employment for adults with disabilities. We are solely owned by Paxton Ministries, a nonprofit Christian organization that for over 30 years has provided long-term, affordable housing, food and support to low-income and disadvantaged adults in the Harrisburg area. Cleaning crew members receive extensive training and work closely with supervisors to ensure high quality service. We are fully bonded and insured.

About Paxton Ministries

We are a Christian, non-profit community of homes serving adults who may be challenged with social, mental, or emotional needs. We minister to the whole person, regardless of ability to pay, and help with the development of life skills and resources to live as independently as possible. We offer a supportive, family-like environment where love and compassion are a way of life—where dignity and self-worth are recognized in every individual.

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Cleaning Needs Survey
  1. For the following quesitons, please check all that apply.
  2. What is your organization's industry?
  3. In your organization, who decides how your facility cleaning is resourced?
  4. Within your organization, what type of cleaning services do you currently need?
  5. Within your organization, what are the facility cleaning priorties?
  6. For the following questions, please choose only one anwser.
  7. Please indicate your type of organization
  8. In your organization, how many square feet do you currently clean?
  9. Who do you currently use for janitorial/cleaning services?
  10. How often do you currently perform routine cleaning?

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